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Introduction to NJUPT

Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, founded in 1942 and named as Nanjing Institute of Posts and Telecommunications in 1958, incorporated Nanjing College for Population Program Management in 2013 and gained its current name in 2005. NJUPT is co-administrated by the central and provincial government. NJUPT now has four campuses, i.e. Xianlin, Sanpailou, Suojincun and Jiangning, and one independent college-NJUPT Tongda College in Yangzhou. NJUPT has a total of more than 2,300 faculty members and more than 30,000 registered students. Since 2014, NJUPT has enrolled students from over 30 countries under three levels of undergraduate, master and doctor. It has throughout its history trained and delivered over 150,000 elite professionals in all kinds of field.

NJUPT adheres to the school spirit “well-known reputation, unremitting self-improvement”, carries out the school motto of “morality, persistence, practicality and sincerity”, and carries forward the school ethos of “diligence, practicality, progression and innovation”. NJUPT boasts of academic strength in engineering, information technology in particular, and offers from undergraduate to post-doctoral programs in a wide spectrum of disciplines, including Science, Engineering, Economics, Management, Art, Education, and Law. NJUPT now runs 3 post-doctoral stations and 3 first-level discipline doctorate programs, 10 first-level discipline master’s degree programs and 53 undergraduate programs. There are 3 disciplines included in the top global 1% of ESI International Academic Rankings. NJUPT is home to 1 State Key Discipline (Nurturing Center), 7 National Special Major Trial Programs and 2 national “2011 Collaborative Innovation Centers”.

NJUPT has a high-level teaching staff, 58.56% of whom have earned advanced/higher professional titles, and 93.36% of whom are having Doctoral and Master’s degrees. NJUPT now has 5 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (including double appointed); 3 specially appointed professors and 1 chair professor who are “Chang Jiang Scholars” of the Ministry of Education (MoE); 3 recipients of the “Outstanding Youth of China Fund”; 2 scholars of “New Century National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project”; 8 “One Thousand Talents Program” scholars; 2 “One Thousand Young Talents” scholars;2 leading scholars of “Ten Thousand Talents Project”; 1 young scholar of national “Ten Thousand Talents Project”; 6 recipients of the “Outstanding Youth Science Fund”; 1 scholar of “CAS One Hundred Talents Program”; 1 national teaching celebrity; 1 national outstanding teacher; 49 experts enjoying special government allowances; 2 national young and middle-aged experts of outstanding contributions; 11 scholars of “New Century Talent Support Project” of the MoE; 1 Nobel Laureate, the first to have been brought into a Province-administered university in Jiangsu; 2 foreign academicians and 4 IEEE Fellows. NJUPT now has 1 National Innovative Team in Key Research Areas and 1 team of “MoE Chang Jiang Scholars and Innovative Team Development Program”.

Presently, NJUPT has 1 Engineering Research Centers jointly sponsored by the central and local government; 1 Engineering Lab jointly sponsored by the central and local government; 1 State Key Lab Incubation Base jointly sponsored by Jiangsu Province and the MoE; 1 Key Lab jointly sponsored by Jiangsu Province and the MoE; 2 Engineering Research Centers of the MoE; 2 National Demonstration Centers for Experiment Teaching; 3 National Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Centers; 1 National Engineering Practice Education Center; 1 National University Science Park; 1 National Off-Campus Practice Education Center and 1 National Technology Review Practice Base for university students. NJUPT library owns a collection of over 2,200,000 paperback books.

NJUPT has made proud achievements in cultivating talents. In recent years, NJUPT has attained many first and second prizes in the National Teaching and the College Campus Culture Construction of the MoE; developed National Quality Course, National Demonstration Bilingual Course,National Quality Resource Sharing Course, MoE-Intel Quality Course and MOOC Courses in iCourse website; and compiled National Quality Textbooks and National “12th Five-year Plan” Textbooks. The college students of NJUPT have made brilliant achievements in all levels of competition. Since the beginning of the “12th Five-year Plan”, the students of NJUPT have brought home a total of 2,865 prizes at the provincial or ministerial level and above.

NJUPT has been a strong contributor in scientific and technological innovation and social services. In the past three years, NJUPT has undertaken a total of 320 national scientific research projects; won a total of 41 prizes at the provincial or ministerial level and above including the Second Prize of National Natural Science Awards, the Second Prize of State Technological Innovation Awards, the First and Second Prize of Higher Education Institute Scientific Research Achievements (Science and Technology) and the Second Prize of Higher Education Institute Scientific Research Achievements(Social Sciences), and published over 5,800 research papers which have been included by SCI(E), EI and ISTP. And NJUPT has implemented “one city one college” specialized cooperative strategy and “one technology one enterprise” cooperative innovation strategy, and built 6 research institutes with local government and 35 innovation platforms with enterprises.

NJUPT is among the first group of academic members of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and actively promotes international exchange and cooperation. It now established more than 30 student exchange programs. With approval by the MoE, NJUPT is cooperating with New York Institute of Technology to offer four joint undergraduate programs.

NJUPT, with a down-to-earth attitude and pioneering spirit, has identified a unique strategy for development, one that focuses on specialization in the field of telecommunications while reaching out to more sectors in an increasingly informatized society. Grasping every opportunity, NJUPT has the strategic thought of establishing itself as a “strong characteristics, high level, multidisciplinary, teaching- researching type, internationalized” university, while implementing the four strategies of “Promoting the university with high quality, reinvigorating it by outstanding talents, prospering it with special characteristics, and revitalizing it with brave innovation”. NJUPT is now marching towards the early completion of high level teaching- researching type university with distinctive features in the information science and technology field.