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News & Events
Professor Hao Yang from Queen Mary University of London visited NJUPT
Mr. Zhang Zhihua, vice-president of NJUPT, attended the 10th anniversary ceremony of the representative office of ESIGELEC ROUEN in Shanghai
NJUPT Subject of Electronic Information Engineering Passes the Engineering Education Accreditation of the Ministry of Education
NJUPT Holds APT Training Course on Information Security and Internet of Things
NJUPT Students Win Special Prizes in 2018 National English Contest for College Students (NECCS)
Professor Zhou Liang Wins the Best Journal Paper Award in IEEE Multimedia Communication
NJUPT Student Wins the Special Award in the National Software and Information Technology Professionals Competition
NJUPT Holds the First International Cultural Festival
NJUPT Students Win the Championship in 2018 China Service Robot Competition for the First Time
NJUPT Hits Top 100 in ESI Comprehensive Ranking of Chinese Universities
Semiconductor Today Magazine Features the Research Results of the National Micro-Nano Devices and the Information System Innovation Introduction Base of NJUPT
NJUPT Students Achieved Outstanding Results in 2018 Mathematical Contest in Modeling
Professor Tan Xiaobo from Michigan State University Delivers an Academic Report at NJUPT
NJUPT Appointed Professor Su Zhongqing from Hong Kong Polytechnic University as Visiting Professor