Professor Wang Qin's Team Makes a New Breakthrough in Quantum Digital Signature
发布时间: 2019-01-08 浏览次数: 66

Recently, with a coordinated effort of CAS Key Laboratory of Quantum Information and Anhui Wentian Quantum Technology Co., Ltd. Professor Wang Qin’s team at NJUPT succeeded in demonstrating a practical quantum digital signature protocol on the high-speed quantum key distribution QKD platform with no use of any secure quantum channel. With one of the highest repetition frequencies in the world, a pulse repetition frequency of 1 GHz, the system also boasts high tolerance of errors and imperfections in the actual fiber environment. In December 2018, the results were published in the globally renowned journal Optics Letters sponsored by the Optical Society of America (OSA). Zhang Hao, a postgraduate of the School of Communication and Information Engineering in our school, is a co-first author of the paper, Professor Wang Qin a Corresponding author.

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