NJUPT Team Headed by Academician Huang Wei Re-Wins Second Prize of China's State Natural Science Award
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The 2018 National Science and Technology Awards Conference was ceremoniously heldon  the morning of January 8. The “Structural Design, Performance Control  and Photoelectric Application of Metal-Organic Semiconductors” project,  which was completed by the research team led by Academician Huang Wei,  was awarded the second prize of the National Natural Science Award of  2018. The participants of the award-winning projects were: Huang Wei,  Zhao Qiang, Liu Shujuan, Chen Runfeng, and Sun Huibin. This was the  second time that Huang Wei’s team had won this prize after they did so  in 2013.

This  project explores the field of semiconductor materials in electronic  information science. It is dedicated to overcoming the limitations of  organic semiconductor applications and developing metal-organic  semiconductors and devices with high-performance and multi-function. As  such, it has scored a number of innovative breakthroughs. For instance,  the discovery of new principles of semiconductor structural design  enables the manufacturing of high-performance phosphorescent materials  and light-emitting devices. In addition, a new design strategy of  information storage featuring multi-stage and intelligent response  contributes to the crafting of high-density and high-security memory  unit. What’s more, the project also develops long-life metal polymer  semiconductor biosensors able to obtain high signal-to-noise ratio  detection results. Eight papers of the project were publishedrepresentatively in international authoritative journals such as Nat. Commun., Adv. Mater., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.,  and some of them were selected as Highly Cited Papers and Hot Papers  according to Essential Science Indicators (ESI) released by Clarivate  Analytics, attracting extensive attention from peer experts at home and  abroad. The results of the above-mentioned project are of great  significance to the development of organic electronic information  industry with independent intellectual property rights in China.

As  for Academian Huang, he published the monograph Organic Electronics  (Science Press) and participated in the compilation of two English  monographs. His main achievements have won him the first prize of the  2016 Ministry of Education Natural Science Award and the first prize of  the 2010 Jiangsu Science and Technology Award.