Professor Yue Dong at NJUPT Selected as a Highly Cited Scientist in the World in 2018
发布时间: 2018-11-27 浏览次数: 13

On November 27th, Kerui Wei'an released the list of 2018 Global Highly Cited Scientists. In the 2018 list, a cross-field category was added, and about 2,000 people who published influential papers and made outstanding performances in various fields were selected. Professor Yue Dong, the president of the School of Automation, and Artificial Intelligence, the dean of the Institute of Advanced Technology, and a doctoral tutor, is on the list. This is an unprecedented honor for Nanjing University of Posts andTelecommunications.

This year marks the fifth consecutive release of the list on which are more than 4,000 highly cited scientists from 21 fields of natural science and social science. The number of scientists from mainland of China has increased significantly compared to last year, reaching 482, with professors from Tsinghua University, Peking University and Zhejiang University occupying the top three. And universities in Jiangsu have their faculty members on thelist.