Ms. Susan Jeffords, Vice President and Provost of Portland State University, visited NJUPT
发布时间: 2018-12-14 浏览次数: 13

A delegation from Portland State University (PSU) led by Vice President and Provost Ms. Susan Jeffords, visited NJUPT from December 12 to December 13. Professor Yang Zhen, President of NJUPT, received the delegation, and Professor Zhang Zhihua, Vice-President, presided over the meeting with the delegation.

President Yang Zhen welcomed the delegation and pointed out that since Professor Rahmat Shoureshi, President of PSU visited NJUPT in October last year, the two sides have made satisfactory progress in promoting cooperation in working for joint institute through close communication and exchanges via video meetings and e-mails. MS. Susan Jeffords expressed that PSU will make joint efforts with NJUPT to promote the smooth development of joint institute. The two sides exchanged ideas in depth on the subject characteristics, specialty settings, cultivating curriculums and school-running objectives of the proposed joint institute, and reached further consensus.

Before the meeting, Vice President Zhang Zhihua accompanied the PSU delegation to visit some national laboratories and experimental teaching centers of College of Electronic and Optical Engineering/College of Microelectronics and some special classrooms of Overseas Education College. The school's teaching, laboratory facilities and accommodation conditions have left a deep impression on the PSU delegation members.

Leaders from the Department of International Cooperation & Exchanges, the College of Telecommunications & Information Engineering, the College of Electronic and Optical Engineering, the College of Microelectronics and the College of Overseas Education participated in the meeting and accompanied the visits.