NJUPT Holds APT Training Course on Information Security and Internet of Things
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On June 27th, NJUPT successfully concluded the APT training course on Information Security and Internet of Things delegated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and APT Headquarters under the specific guidance of the Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The training course began on June 19 and lasted for 9 days, receiving 13 students from 10 countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Phnom Penh, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Solomon Islands, Thailand and Laos. It was hosted by the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange and co-organized by the School of Computer Science of NJUPT.

The course focused on information security and IoT security issues. The training teachers adjusted the course content based on the practical work experience of trainees and introduced a large number of classic cases, such as IoT data security, privacy protection, common types of attacks, etc. The teachers also conducted relevant software demonstrations in the class with the use of advanced multimedia teaching equipment and organized the students to discuss and analyse cases. The class was very lively and the trainees said that they benefited a lot from it. They had more concrete understandings of the current development of information security and IoT security through the training. In their spare time, they also exchanged with international students of NJUPT and visited the Zidong International Creative Park and some historical sites in Nanjing, deeply impressed by the rapid development, long history and profound cultural heritage ofNanjing.

In the past 30 years, as one of the training bases of the Asia-Pacific Telecommunications Organization (APT) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in China, NJUPT has organized training in telecommunications management and technology for the Asia-Pacific region every year to build friendship between China and the Asia-Pacific region so as to share the fruits of technological development, explore further innovation and promote common development of Telecom industry.