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High-Level Leading Talents Wanted by NUPT

  We extend our sincere invitations to young and middle-aged talents all over the world to join the faculty of NUPT for a more prosperous future of the school.
1. Relevant Fields of Study
  Philosophy, Applied Economics (Financing, Enterprise Economics, Statistics), Foreign Languages and Literature, Journalism, Mathmatics, Physics, (optics and Radio Physics), Optics Engineerring, Material Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration, Public Administration, Higher Education Studies, Educational Technology, Atlas Study and Geographical Information System, Precision Measuring and Testing Technique and Equipment, Circuit and System, microelectronics and solid electronics, Electromagnetic Field Theory and Microwave Technology, telecommunication and information system, signals and information processing, Control Theory and Engineering, Model Recognition and Intelligence System, Computer Systemic Structure, Computer Science and Technology, Applied Computer Technology, Information Security, Information Network, Broadcasting Engineering, Advertising Study.
2. Vacant Posts
1) Guest professors at NUPT
2) Distinguished professor at NUPT
3) Leading researchers and academicians at NUPT
4) Distinguished researchers at NUPT
Requirements for the posts above:
1. Guest professors at NUPT
High-level associate professors at overseas universities, to work at NUPT for over 3 months in a year, at least 2 months in special cases
2. Distinguished professor at NUPT
Overseas applicants are expected to have assistant professorship or above. Full-time work is required, or at least 6 months in a year in special cases.
3. Leading researchers and academicians at NUPT
With doctor’s degree and under the age of 55, to work at NUPT full time.
4. Distinguished researchers at NUPT
Under the age of 40, to work full time at NUPT; with a doctor’s degree at renowned universities and institutions; overseas applicants must have post-doctor’s experience in high-level universities or research institutioins.
5. Application time
Any time.

Please contact: Xu Xin, Zhang Xiaoni
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Fax: +86-25-85866291
Email: rsk@njupt.edu.cn
Address: Department of Personnel, NUPT
NO. 9 Wenyuan Road, Yadong New Town, Nanjing,Jiangsu, China
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